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Astounding Design

We take a very meticulous approach to design. We strive to create the most impressive visual design whether it’s for a website, mobile application or even something for print. You can be sure that form goes hand in hand with functionality.

Our designs are modern and ready for high resolution devices, so no matter when you look our graphics will be sharp and sleek.

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Keys to success

Web development

When you visit a website, your first impression is a visual one. But developing a website takes more than just graphic design and content. It needs smart navigation, short loading times and overall accessibility

Single input -> multiple output

SEPI, our proprietary CMS, allows you to easily update your content. Using this Single Entry Platform Interface, you need to enter your content only once. SEPI is a web based system that enables real-time updating.

Mobile applications

Apps come in different varieties and which one you need depends on a number of things. Are you aiming at a specific platform or do you want it work on multiple devices?

E- and m-marketing solutions

Think about payment systems, loyalty programs or booking platforms. To make this work, completely different, often very complex systems and databases need to be connected to each other.

Process management

We are praised for the way we organize our projects. Each assignment is clearly documented for reference, with realistic timelines in order to ensure a fast setup and timely delivery.

Support & Maintainace

Monitoring our work doesn’t stop after the deadline is met. Depending on your needs, we offer customized SLA's (Service Level Agreements) that clearly describe the level of support you can expect.

Project Management

Working with multiple third parties requires both technical and management skills. Let us worry about how to get all parties to work together efficiently

Partnership Network

We know our strengths, we also know our limitations. That is why we seek partnerships with specialized skills. So if you approach us with a challenge we cannot fully fulfill in-house, we know who to turn to.

Thinking mobile first

We used to say ‘if you don’t have a website you do not exist’, nowadays we should be saying: if your site isn’t accessible on mobile devices you do not exist.

At Mobilem we set mobile accessibility as our top priority. All our projects feature cutting edge responsive web design or a mobile application. Mobile is the future now, light, quick and contextual in the palm of your hands.

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